Development Programs

Development Programs

About the Development Program

The ISCC Development Program would be launched in 2006 with the idea to develop super-cricket into a truly world sport through fostering the game in the existing Associate and Affiliate member countries, which they can also attract new Affiliate members. Members would not be included and would continue their own Development Programs.

The ISCC Development Program will help the super-cricket worldwide.

Although world in its objectives and aims, the program will be delivered through five regional offices; namely Africa, Americas, Asia, East Asia-Pacific and Europe. The ISCC Development Committee will appoint Regional Development Officer and staff each region. Key areas of the regional development work include coach and umpire education, provision of equipment, facilities, resources and promotional materials, elite player programs and tournaments on both a local and regional basis.

The program will be funded through the hosting of the ISCC Champions Trophy, which would be contested on a two year cycle by the Members and the top two Associate members. The funds will be available to the ISCC Development Committee through its program i.e. Development Program (as set by the Chairman Committee) in 2007. The funds would be spread across the five regions and would be used to assist in member country development initiatives as well as staging regional tournaments.

"The ISCC Development Program would continues to expand and evolve at a rapid pace, and in a meaningful and sustainable manner.

"At the grass roots level, the ground work that would be laid by the hard working volunteers of any nations in regard to increasing coach education and junior involvement initiatives will start to pay dividends in terms of formal junior playing numbers, and that augurs well for future generations.

"At the other end of the development spectrum, the ISCC High Performance and Development Program and new World Cup Qualifying Series provide opportunities for senior national sides to compete at their best on the world stage, and to improve and progress to higher honours," said Sarfaraz.

ISCC High Performance and Development Programs

The ISCC High Performance and Development Programs would be initially launched to assist the leading Associate Member countries their participation in the 2006 ISCC Super-Cricket World Cup etc.. The aim of the Programs is to ensure that these countries have programs in place that will best allow them to close the gap in playing standards with the Members.

The purpose of the programs are to maximise, via various systems and processes, the on-field performance of the national teams, senior and Under 19, of the countries within the Program.

The Program is delivered through a High Performance and Development Chief who will work in conjunction with each country's national coaches to set up training systems that will assist players not only to improve their skill levels, but maximize their all-round potential. The basic principles of the Program as established by ISCC Development Committee Chairman are:

(a) Creating an International Program for each country

(b) Creating the best facilities to play & practice

(c) Improving skill levels

(d) Improving fitness levels

(e) Making time to practice and to practice meaningfully

(f) Transition from amateur to professional philosophy

(g) Creating a domestic pyramid of development

The Program also aims to increase teams exposure to high standard competitions by promoting Member A Team Tours, and through participation in other High Performance and Development Tournaments etc.,

Regular updates on the ISCC Development Program can also be found in the development section of the ISCC website,