Women's Super-Cricket

Women's Super-Cricket

The women's and men's super-cricket.

The tactics are decided after taking into account a number of variables. These will include whether or not the fielding team has already batted and if so, whether the total runs they made during their batting innings are decisive enough for the captain to decide the fielding team is in a winning position. An attacking field would be set so as to force the batting side into making errors by adopting aggressive bowling tactics and placing fieldsmen in close to the batsman. A defensive field setting would be set, in the event the fielding captain believes his team's previous batting total can be easily eclipsed. The fieldsmen would be placed in such a way; they would be able to save the majority of batting strokes from reaching the boundary for super-six (6 runs) or more runs. If the fielding captain is able to force the batsmen into taking single runs, the likelihood of a forced error or dismissal is more than possible.

The first chairperson of the ISCC Women Super-Cricket Committee (WSCC) Ms. Ummi Khanam has set up special prorgams for development and equal particiaption of the women in the super-cricket in towns, districts, provinces/states, national, continents and international levels. The ISCC has decided that full efforts will be taken to developWomen Super-Cricket Game as Men in each level of the world.

The ISCC will support UN Mission i.e. Gender Equality can be possible through Sports and Super-Crciket will become example for the other sports and society too.

ISCC Women Super-Cricket Committee will make recommendations to the ISCC Development Committee on all matters relating to women's super-cricket.

It is our responsibility to build on the existing body of knowledge and the ISCC Women's Super-Cricket Committee members will help us achieve this goal,'' said Ms.Ummin Khanam.

Each member countries have to move in this direction and it has to prove beneficial for both the women's and men's game.

I have no doubt that there are many challenges that lie ahead and it is important to recognise that there will not be dramatic changes overnight, but we look forward to making positive strides in the administration of the international women's game,'' said ISCC-Chairman Mr. Seraj ANSARI & WSCC-Chairperson Ms. Ummi Khanam..

The composition of the ISCC Women's Super-Cricket Committee is as follows:

Chairperson: Ms. Ummi Khanam (India)

Vice Chairperson: Ms. Tanzeela Amir Seema (Pakistan)


India: Mrs. Veena Sharma

Pakistan: Ms. Azaraa Perveen

Somalia: Mrs. Sagal Abdullaahi Hersi

For details of how to get involved in ISCC Women's Super-Cricket in your country, please contact your National Super-Cricket Federation (details to the left)

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