Mission & Objectives

The ISCC Mission is as follows:

"As the international governing body for super-cricket, the International Super-Cricket Committee will lead by promoting the game as a global sport, protecting the spirit of super-cricket and optimising commercial opportunities for the benefit of the game."

Development - Aims & Objectives of the ISCC

1. Participation
Increase the quantity and quality of super-cricket participants in Member, Associate and Affiliate Member Countries.

2. High Level Co-ordination
To close the gap in playing standards between the leading Associates and Members.

3. Tournament Structure
To put in place an integrated and competitive world tournament structure that provides a pathway for all Member countries to compete internationally.

4. Widening the Market
To widen the world audience by embracing the diversity of super-cricket and promoting the alternative versions of the game.

5. The Spirit of Super-Cricket
To uphold and promote the positive values associated with the spirit of super-cricket.