Dear Editor (Sports Section
Date: 14th June 2005
Place: India
Lucknow, India-14th June-2005, The International Super-Cricket Committee-ISCC's Founder and Chairman Mr. Mohd. Seraj Ansari (India) has officially announced the International Super-Cricket Committee and its (website is open for players, officials, sports personalities and sports lovers of the world to play this new game i.e. super-cricket and its full operation worldwide from today.
The International Super-Cricket Committee-ISCC is basically, created by Mr. Mohd. Seraj Ansari, (India) on dated. 14th of October-2004, and proposal submitted before the office of the INOC, Lucknow, India, and INOC has given approval for its operation worldwide, now ISCC is announcing the Super-Cricket Game is open for world from 14th of June-2005, and the ISCC and Super-Cricket game is introducing and will manage full of its legal control by the INOC-Charter i.e. International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC (, Mr. Mohd. Seraj Ansari is being a youngest sports personality in the world with the intention to give regular financial support (monetary benefits) to all Non-Olympic Sports worldwide that will give recognition, popularity and global room for Non-Olympic Sports, International Sports Federations, National Sports Federations, Players, Coaches, Referees, Empires, officials and its sports family in all over the world. The ISCC is a main tool of International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC, after ensuring on regular basis financial supports to all Non-Olympic sports worldwide, the ISCC would manage millions and billions dollars for Non-Olympic Sports, by this efforts the whole world will recognize the INOC-Movement would become a tool for Normalization, Integration, Social Unity and World Peace by using Sports for all.
EQUALITY:- the Gender equality is very important factors either for Olympic or Non-Olympic Organizations, therefore the Super-Cricket game can play a vital role for gender equality with the help of the International Non-Olympic Committee-INOC as well as elite world, sports personalities & International organizations. The Concrete steps have to be taken for the above-mentioned subject in eve of the equality between Men and Women through Super Cricket game.
The ISCC & Super-Cricket is going to be world first Sport Organization & Sport which born for other sports i.e. all Non-Olympic Sports worldwide.
About the Super-Cricket
The Super-Cricket is a new sport has been developed by Mr. Mohd Seraj Ansari (India), Secretary General-INOC, the super-cricket is an unique sport and super-fast, less consuming time and extra excitement, thrilling and appealing to the lovers of the game. The Super-Cricket is not a sport only for its players, lovers of the sport, officials; it is also for those sports, which are struggling hard to get establish in the region, the super-cricket will generate funds through sponsorship and other ways etc. and 75% of the generated funds will be consumed into the promotion of the all Non-Olympic Sports worldwide under the auspices of the International Non-Olympic Committee (INOC).
Although a Super-Cricket Team consists of twelve (12) players, only nine (9) of these players will take the field during the innings in which the team is fielding, with the 10th 11th & 12th players remaining in reserve in the likelihood of an injury to a fielding player. One player will always take the position of the wicketkeeper, another player will be designated as a bowler, leaving seven (7) players to adopt various positions as chosen by the captain within the field of play. The fielding tactics adopted by the captain will vary depending on whether the fielding captain has chosen to adopt either defensive or attacking tactics.
The tactics are decided after taking into account a number of variables. These will include whether or not the fielding team has already batted and if so, whether the total runs they made during their batting innings are decisive enough for the captain to decide the fielding team is in a winning position. An attacking field would be set so as to force the batting side into making errors by adopting aggressive bowling tactics and placing fieldsmen in close to the batsman. A defensive field setting would be set, in the event the fielding captain believes his team's previous batting total can be easily eclipsed. The fieldsmen would be placed in such a way; they would be able to save the majority of batting strokes from reaching the boundary for five or more runs. If the fielding captain is able to force the batsmen into taking single runs, the likelihood of a forced error or dismissal is more than possible.
Super-Cricket Highlights:
Over in ODISC Match : 35 Overs Each Side
Ball in an Over : Five Balls
Boundary : Five Runs
Over the Boundary : Seven Runs
Out with NPZ : Four Times
Penalty : Ten Runs
Match Timing : 2.25 Minutes Each Side
Category : Men & Women
Member in Team : 12 Players
Players in Team : 9 Players
The ISCC Founder & Chairman Mr. Mohd. Seraj Ansari (India) has been inviting sports personalities and personalities of the world to come forward and join with this mission, which will always be opened for all, those who really want to do something for all Non-Olympic Sports, and would like to associate with the ISCC-Movement.
The Chairman of the ISCC Mr. Mohd. Seraj Ansari has been nominated their following Executive Committee and Sub-Committees members for the International Super-Cricket Committee (ISCC) with effects from : 5th of June-2005 for the tenure of the one year.
ISCC Chairman & Executive Committee:
ISCC-Chairman: Mr. Mohd. Seraj Ansari (India)
                                     (Secretary General-INOC)
ISCC Director: Mr. Syeed Mukarram Ali
                                              (Int'l Observer-INOC)
Executive Members:.
Pakistan: Dr. Fawad Subhani
Somalia: Mr. Mire Sheikh Omar
Italy: Prof. Shauyin Ng
India: 1. Mr. B.S. Nagaraj
2. Mr. Mohd.Meraj
Israel: Mr. Arik Kaplan
Iran: Mr. M. Ghasem Manouchehri
ISCC Super-Cricket Committee
Chairman: Mr. V. K Singh
Vice Chairman: Mr. Mohd. Meraj
ISCC Director: Mr.Syeed Mukarram Ali
Pakistan: Dr. Fawad Subhani
Somalia: Mr. ABdulkadir Ali Gedi .
Italy: Prof. Shauyin Ng
India: Dr. Atique Ahmed
ISCC Women Super-Cricket Committee
Chairperson: Ms. Ummi Khanam (India)
Vice Chairperson:Ms. Tanzeela Amir Seema (Pakistan)
India: Mrs. Veena Sharma
Pakistan: Ms. Azaraa Perveen
Somalia: Mrs. Sagal Abdullaahi Hersi
ISCC Audit Committee
Chairman : Mr. Rajeev Agarwal
Vice-Chairman: Mr. Pawan Agarwal
ISCC DC (Chairman ) : Mr. Mohd. Meraj
ISCC Financial Officer: Mr.. A.K. Shah
ISCC E. C. Member: Mr. B.S. Nagaraj
Independent Member: Mr. C.A. Tamboli
ISCC Development Committee
Chairman: Mr. Mohd Meraj
Europe representative: 1. Prof. Shauyin Ng
2. Mr. Jarkko Harkonen
Asia representative: 1. Dr. Atique Ahmed
2. Mr. C.A. Tamboli
EAP representative:
America representative: Mr. Martin J McClashie
Africa representative: Mr. Mire Sheikh Omar
ISCC Code of Conduct Commission
Chairman: Dr. Fawad Subhani (Pakistan)
Vice-Chairman: Mr. Shandar Rizvi (India)
Pakistan: Mr.Syeed Mukarram Ali
Somalia: Mr. ABdulkadir Ali Gedi .
Italy: Prof. Shauyin Ng
India: Mr. Mohd. Meraj
 The future planning of the INOC's are as follows: -
The ISCC is concentrating first to create NATIONAL SUPER-CRICKET COMMITTEE-NSCFs in all existing countries of the World as earliest as possible. The India has already been created "Indian Super-Cricket Federation" and many are in the pipeline to form their own National Super-Cricket Federations.
The ISCC has to create the following Continental Bodies:-
Asian Super-Cricket Committee
European Super-Cricket Committee
American Super-Cricket Committee
African Super-Cricket Committee
East Asia-Pacific Super-Cricket Committee
These above continental bodies will give extra exposure to the super-cricket in the region with their efforts.
After creating at least 15-25 NSCFs, the ISCC would like to call immediately an Extraordinary Delegates Conference of the ISCC for the following issues, which are as follows;
The ISCC would like to host a Mini World Cup for Super-Cricket at the earliest, all the strategies will be decided in the coming Extraordinary Delegates Conference of the ISCC. The purpose of hosting the Mini World Cup for Super-Cricket is to highlight its effects and give a message to the World of Sports.
Expansion rest of its Executives Committee (ISCC) and to nominate all necessary committees & commissions etc. to look after all the activities of the ISCC.
(Mohd. Meraj)
Executive Member-ISCC Women Super-Cricket Committee
Chairman-ISCC Development Committee.
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